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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope your Thanksgiving was a blast. Ours was quiet, peaceful and yummy. I don’t have any photos so I put one up from my recent trip to New Orleans to visit my sister. It was just after Halloween so there were still some great decorations up, and characters galore. Had a great time… but since I ate everything at Thanksgiving, no food photos today… And boy was it good. Daughter and I stuck to a vegetarian holiday and made a Quorn roast, but the carnivores in the group just couldn’t go without the turkey. Mom brought one over that she cooked that morning. Not a problem for me, they ate it then took the leftovers home. No carcass in my fridge, yippee!

Dinner was a great stuffing from mom made from GF cornbread, GF challah from Gluten Free Creations, apricots and apples. Also on tap… mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, roasted veggies, and GF mushroom gravy. Daughter made a brilliant GF flourless chocolate cake that was divine.

About the Quorn roast, if you haven’t heard of it. It’s made mainly of a microprotein grown somewhat like a mushroom of sorts. Check it out online and find out about it as some people with mushroom allergies may be allergic to this also. But for me it’s just wonderful. The roast (the only GF Quorn product since the others are breaded) tastes so much like turkey it’s great. With all the extras you don’t feel deprived at all (although even without a substitute Thanksgiving is great.) My daughter ate most of the roast and kept going back for more. It’s full of protein (14 grams per serving) and low in carbs, (just 8 per serving), so I love eating it on my current low-carb/high-protein quest. I’ve also made “chicken” salad with it, but it’s best when served just out of the oven with gravy.

Hope your day was wonderful. Enjoy the wonderful winter weather, we’re even having rain here in AZ.

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