"Not" Tuna Boats

Wow, this raw food life is really fun. I’ve been working on making as many new raw foods as possible, and it couldn’t be more rewarding. I feel great, and although I’m hungry every few hours, I know that what I’m eating is clean burning and good for me. No regrets about a piece of chocolate or a few chips (although, those things never hurt anyone).
Today it was “Not” Tuna. Once again, I tried this recipe while at a raw-food meetup and I couldn’t believe how great it was. I took the recipe from the meeting, then found a few online and changed a few more ingredients. For instance, many recipes call for Dulse flakes (a certain type of seaweed), but I didn’t have any so I just crumbled up some Nori that I had in the cabinet.
Bottom line, I’m crazy about it, especially since it has tons of protein from the almonds and sunflower seeds, Omega 3s from the flax seeds and to my utter relief, dear chefs, no little fishies gave up their lives for my lunch. If the ingredients look strange to you, just take my word for it. You’ll be amazed if you take the time to make it just once. A friend happened to come by and I gave her some on a lettuce boat… she loved it, and took some home with her. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to be adventurous… go on, give it a try.

“Not” Tuna Boats
½ cup raw sunflower seeds (soaked 8 hours or overnight)
½ cup raw almonds (soaked 8 hours or overnight)
Juice of one lemon
Sea salt
1/5 Tbs ground flax seeds
1-2 sticks of celery, diced
1 Tbs chopped sweet onion
1 Tbs chopped/crumbled Nori (or 1 TBS dulse flakes if you can find them)
¼ apple diced
Whole Romaine lettuce leaves, washed and dried

1. Rinse seeds and almonds and place on a paper towel to dry for a few moments.
2. Run seeds and almonds in a blender with a little water until it makes a paste. Add water a little at a time so it doesn’t get too runny.
3. Remove mixture from blender and add all other ingredients.
4. Serve in Romaine lettuce boats.

Variations: I added a few extra grapes at the end, and the apple was an afterthought also. A roommate of mine always liked her tuna with onion and dill. Actually, you could also add dill, mustard, more onion, raisins, fresh parsley, garlic, etc. Go crazy and add anything you like, play with it and make it just the way you want it. Just one or two lettuce boats makes a great snack or lunch. I plan to make this a weekly staple in my house. It lasts for about 5 days in the fridge.



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  1. sounds wonderful, I may have to try 🙂

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