Nourish – Scottsdale’s GF/Veg Dream Come True

Acai Berry Martini

OK, I know I should have put a review in here much sooner, but I’ve been back three times already and I can’t stop. Nourish is my new favorite restaurant in Scottsdale. Not only is it close to home, it’s completely gluten free and more than half the items on the menu are vegetarian! It’s like a dream come true….no actually it is a dream come true. As a gluten-free vegetarian, I don’t know how many times I have said, “I wish there was a completely gluten-free and vegetarian restaurant I could walk into, feel comfortable about the menu and not spend a fortune. Yeah, like that will happen.” Ha! It happened.

I’m also in love with the staff, who are friendly and helpful, and the owner, Kirstin Carey. She’s friendly, funny and so willing to work with customers. Each time I’ve been there, she’s come out to ask how the food is and for suggestions and ideas. She truly wants to create a place for those of us with allergies where we can eat with ease. (OK, she does have meat on the menu, but I’m overlooking that since I can’t have everything, right? This way I can drag my carnivorous husband in for a healthy meal.)

Veggie Pizza

OK, on to the food. Since I’ve been back a few times, I could write a very long review but I’m going to stick with my favorites and recommend you go there yourself and try even more. The first time my husband and I ate at Nourish I had a veggie pizza. Fresh, thick and full of flavor, the best part of the pizza was the sauce. The restaurant uses GF Creations Italian pizza crust so I knew I would like those, but it’s the sauce that makes it all worth it. Kirstin explained how they wanted to make a sauce that stood up to the crust and didn’t soak in. Wow, they achieved that-and more. It’s thick, tangy and tastes like someone’s grandmother has been back there making sauce all day. My daughter has had it and wanted to take some home. The pizza also had fresh spinach, asparagus and sun-dried tomatoes. The cheese was lightly added on top so it didn’t overpower the pizza. All in all, a great entree that was big enough for Daughter and I to share.

Quiche with spinach and bacon

My husband had a spinach quiche with a quinoa crust that was fabulous. I’ve never had a crust made of quinoa (and I’m not talking about flour but the actual quinoa) and it was very tasty. It’s also black quinoa, which I had never had either. The quiche did have bacon in it, so I just tried a little of the crust. Husband said it was great and devoured the entire piece, which was quite huge along with a side and salad.

Lemon Gluten-Free Cheescake

Dessert was a fabulous lemon cheesecake to die for! I don’t usually go in for dessert when I’m out, but we couldn’t resist. The crust was flaky and light, the cheesecake tasted like something my mom would have made, only better. (sorry Mom!) Being from New Jersey, we take our cheesecakes very seriously and this was one of the best I’ve ever had. No, it’s not dairy free, but who would want that?

Sweet Potato Fries with Chipotle Apricot Dipping Sauce

I’ll wrap this up with my two favorites…the sweet potato fries are air-fried (how do you air fry? I have no idea) oil-free, crispy and light, not greasy like most sweet potato fries. They come with a sweet yet spicy chipotle apricot dipping sauce that takes them to a new level of fry goodness. I crave these now…

I know I said I would try and keep this short, and I didn’t even mention the red & white quinoa salad, sweet potato and avocado salad or the spicy mango avocado salad. There is so much, I can’t help myself. I’m also looking forward to trying the Crispy Baked Eggplant Parmesan, which is gluten-free and vegetarian. (My stomach is growling right now)

Nourish also has a cute little bar and I’ve become a convert to the acai berry martini (photo above) which is Prairie Organic Vodka, Veev acai berry liquor and a splash of key lime Oogave soda. It’s light, not too sweet and has no bite to it at all. It goes down smoothly and works great with any of the dishes. Light and satisfying. So, what are you waiting for? Get down there before everyone knows about it and you can’t get a table!

Dear Nourish…Thanks for making my dreams come true.




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9 responses to “Nourish – Scottsdale’s GF/Veg Dream Come True

  1. Sounds like heaven! One of these days I will head west and explore some more of Arizona. I only make it to Navajo country for work unfortunately.

  2. That's too bad. This is a beautiful area and we're slowly getting to be more veg/gf friendly. Just don't come from June to Sept!

  3. It's midnight and I want to drive there right now and camp out for when they open! Everything looks so good. I know that I'll be heading over there very soon.

  4. Hope you like it, and I would be happy to join you!

  5. Lemon cheesecake? Sweet potato fries? I hope this is where you're taking me!

  6. The veggy pizza looks great. Wish there was a place like this in central Ohio.

  7. I am so impressed! not about nourished, because I live on the otherside of the world, in Melbourne, Australia, but, because you are both GF and coeliac – wow, me too. 4 weeks in to vegetarianism and embracing every opportunity to communicate with like minded nutritionally challenged peeps. started a new site, and my blogspot is (which is less about food and more about cultural happenings and rants). Food is at the forefront right now. awesome to have found you..keep up the great documentation of your life as an advocate for eating healthy and tasty food. Nat

  8. Steve, just wait. These types of places are becoming more and more popular. Soon…

  9. Nat: how great to find a kindred soul so far away. Both of your sites are fun, thanks for sharing. And thanks for coming along for the ride. Looking forward to sharing more with you in the future. You can find my site on Facebook too!

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