Bringing in the New Year!

Life is beautiful, just look around…

Although we make many resolutions each year, that doesn’t mean we follow them, right? I posted on my writing blog about the things I will NOT be doing this year. On this blog, I will post the things I WILL be doing.

1. I will cook more at home. It’s so easy to get into the rut of picking up something on the way home, or eating out because it’s easier. But for people with food issues, that can be dangerous. We know that we are most safe when we prepare our own, so what is the problem?

2. I will experiment more, try new food and actually attempt to bake something besides cookies. I never was much of a baker before, but these days it’s important to find something I love.

3. I will eat right and that means fewer grains and more protein. I have learned to read my body and I know that more protein and less grains are what make my body happy. It likes to feel “clean” and this is how it’s done. This is how I lost 25 pounds, this is how I have more energy, and this is how I stay happy.

4. I will post more often on this blog and publicize it as much as possible. A good friend of mine has offered to help me set up my own site and I think that will be my new project.

5. I will spend more time with family and friends. The Internet is a time-suck, no way around it. And so I will be spending less time wasting time online and more time with people who make me laugh.

Hope you all have a happy, safe New Year celebration and I hope to talk more with all of you next year. Please make suggestions for things you would like to read or try on this blog. I’m happy to test anything, just throw it out! And if you have a recipe you’d like to share, let me know! Join the Facebook Page and become part of the Gluten Free in AZ crowd!



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2 responses to “Bringing in the New Year!

  1. Only great success for you! These all look like great things for 2011. I'll jump on that wagon with you!

  2. Thanks Sara. I could use the company 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

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