Review of Schar’s gluten-free products

While browsing Sprout’s gluten-free section the other day, I found a section with Schar’s products. These are German products, although they have a US-based headquarters in New Jersey. I had heard of them years ago, but it’s just been a few years that they were readily available and the first time I have seen them in the store. I don’t usually order food online so I was waiting for it to make it to the stores.

First up, Table Crackers. The photo on the package looks fabulous, making me imagine biting into a crispy Saltine cracker just like the old days. They are a little bigger, but break it in half and it’s about the size of a Saltine. Unfortunately, that’s as close as it comes to tasting like a Saltine. As far as crackers go, this one doesn’t have too much of a strong taste and that’s not always a bad thing. Saltines don’t have much taste either if you think about it. That helps with whatever you top it off with. These are better than Ener-G crackers, thicker, crispier and a little tastier, but not as good as a Saltine. I love the crispy crunch of these and they are strong enough to hold up to cheese and other toppings. I’ll buy these again since I won’t be eating a Saltine soon, but I prefer Glutino crackers. (review to follow)

Next up, the Vanilla Wafer cookies. Now, I’m already a big fan of Glutino’s Lemon Wafer Cookies. They are always in my fridge for a sweet treat. I assumed these would be just as good, but vanilla. Not really…they have a funny aftertaste that lingers after the cookie is gone. It is nice and crispy and light, just like a wafer should be, but it’s not even close to Glutino’s precious lemon wafers. I won’t be buying these again.

Finally, Schar’s has a Ladyfingers. These are quite large and the photo on the package is what attracted me. They are perfect for tiramisu, or so the package states. The picture looked so good, I had to try them.

This cookie was a pleasant surprise and is light, fluffy, airy and surprisingly not too sweet. It pairs perfectly with a cup of tea since is not overpowering or too sweet. I haven’t tried the tiramisu yet, but the package has a lot in there so I still have some left to give it a try. I will definitely buy this again since I love having 1/2 of one at night with my tea. It doesn’t feel like cheating or eating too much…just right.



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5 responses to “Review of Schar’s gluten-free products

  1. Thanks for taking the difficult challenge of trying these for all of us. I saw these but passed them up b/c of the 'unknown'. I'll be needing to make some tiramisu in a few weeks so I'll use these based on your recommendation. We'll see if anyone else notices.

  2. Great, and I hope it works out. And if you need any help, I would be happy to try it for you!

  3. I like the Schar table crackers. They lack the salt of a saltine, but I think they are great when you want a simple cracker with a piece of cold meat or cheese, and good with chili. Fairly tasteless but sometimes you need that in a cracker. I haven't tried Glutino, but I will.

  4. That first picture had me excited! I miss Saltines.

  5. Thanks, guys. I'm happy to try anything new. More and more great things come out all the time. glutino is more like Ritz, although just in texture. I like the Cheese and Plain varieties.

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