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Udi’s does it again with multi-grain bread

The box contained two kinds of bread and cookies!          

I was recently lucky enough to receive a shipment from Udi‘s with a few products that have yet to be released in my neck of the woods. Imagine my excitement to find Millet-Chia bread and Omega-Salba bread, not to mention snickerdoodles and chocolate-chip cookies! Daughter and I wasted no time diving in to the box. We even had GF friends visiting and they helped us with our taste test.

Millet-Chia Ancient Grains Bread

We tried each bread straight out of the bag and then toasted with a little butter. First the Millet-Chia bread, which was soft and filled with seeds. It had a hearty, nutty flavor and a soft texture that worked straight out of the bag. Even toasted, it held up well. I would make a sandwich on this bread without toasting, it doesn’t need it. The seeds give it a crunchy texture that works well with cheese and soft fillings as well as crunchier fillings. The flavor is like a soft multi-grain with sunflower seeds and chia seeds. Yummy! The wonderful thing about this bread is it packs a whopping 5 grams of protein in two slices. Among the usual ingredients, this bread has millet seed, sunflower oil, chia seeds and pea protein.

Omega-Salba Ancient Grain Bread

Next up, the Omega-Salba (which is another word for chia, don’t ask my why it’s different on this one). This bread also packs the 5 grams of protein in two slices, which is nice. This one is a little more dense and firm and toasts beautifully. With a firmer texture, it feels like the multi-grain bread I remember from my non-GF days. It contains flax seed, GF oats and chia seeds. I recommend toasting this one since it has a great texture and consistency for toasting. Everyone agreed this one was a little more like the old multi-grains we remember.

Soft and chewy snickerdoodles

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The cookies are more like eating cookie dough before you bake it. This used to be something I loved to do back in my non-GF days, so I’m not complaining. Although I prefer a crispier cookie, these will do in a pinch. I’m thinking they may be better if I just pop them in the oven for a few minutes, but I haven’t tried that yet. The flavor are great. The snickerdoodle has just the right cinnamon/sugar ratio and the chocolate chip has a lot of chips (I hate a cookie skimpy on the chips!)

If I was heading back to spend my money, it would be on the bread, although I highly recommend trying them all. Udi’s just gets better and better in my book and I’m so grateful they are around.

Note: Udi’s provided these products to me at no charge, but I would gladly have paid for them if they didn’t. As you all know, I rely on Udi’s and have reviewed many of their products, none of which were provided by the company. Check out my review of the hot dog/hamburger buns and the awesome bagels.


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A real bun is a thing of beauty!

Udi’s Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns

While shopping at Sprout’s this morning, I came across Udi’s hamburger and hot dog buns. At a fabulous sale price, I couldn’t resist. Daughter and I went right home and made a Tofu Pup and Sunshine Burger, topped on a toasted bun of each and split them both. Yes, we were that excited. Live without a real bun for 8 years and tell me if you get excited when you see one you can eat.

Oh my gosh, I closed my eyes and ignored the Tater Tots on the plate…yes, they were that good. The most wonderful thing about these is the texture. Crispy on the outside after toasting, soft and chewy on the inside, just like a bun should be. It holds together, does not fall apart and has a wonderful taste and brings the familiar “bite” of a burger on a bun. We used Sunshine Burgers and Tofu Pups since they are the only vegetarian/gluten-free options we’ve found that are great tasting and healthy. We just tossed the buns on the grill with the burger and pup, but I’m sure they would be fine in the oven or even the toaster, although the hot dog bun might be a little too long.

We topped the Sunshine Burger with a little Swiss cheese, and put a bit of relish on the Tofu Pup…no need to overdo it. We were eager to taste the buns more than condiments. Bottom line – I’ve stocked my freezer and will be heading back for more at the sale price to make sure Memorial Day and the BBQ will be fantastic. I’m already spinning ideas on what else can be done with the buns…garlic bread, eggplant parmigiana sandwiches, etc. What ideas do you have? Let me know.

We used the white-bread version of both, although there were whole-grain versions also. That review will have to wait till we finish these. But if they are anything like these, we’ll be finishing them up very soon!


(Note: I am not compensated in any way by Udi’s Gluten Free, or Sprout’s Farmers Market. I paid for the buns and will do so again. Of course, if Udi’s wanted to send any new products to me for review in the future, I would be happy to oblige!)

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