Gluten-Free Goldfish Don’t Float My Boat


Yes, I bought them. Who could pass up the opportunity to try a gluten-free version of one of the world’s most beloved snacks? When my daughter saw that Pepperidge Farm was making gluten-free goldfish crackers, we couldn’t wait to try them. Our first reaction when grabbing them from the bag…what a let down. Bummer of big proportions. (It’s not on their web page or I would link it for you.)

I love the fact that companies are trying to make gluten-free snacks and food in order to help those of us who can’t eat gluten. Yes, I know that so many of them are doing it purely for the cash, and this seems like a good example. These are nothing like a cracker and more like a strong, dense Cheese Doodle. The shape is like a fish (see above shot on the cover) but still the texture of a cheese puff more than a cracker. The flavor was too strong, the texture was a bit grainy and mealy and left my mouth with a strange taste and feeling.

A plea to those companies planning on making a GF version of their products – Please remember that just because we have to eat gluten free, that doesn’t mean we will eat anything. It doesn’t mean that we will eat something just because it’s gluten free. These are not Goldfish crackers. They are strangely shaped and textured cheese puffs. Yes, they are called puffs, but the insinuation with the shape and bag are Goldfish cracker.

Save your money and buy Pirate’s Booty. The aged white cheddar flavor is wonderful, light and tasty. But be careful, these are addictive and you won’t be able to stop. Especially when Costco sells the BIG bag.


If you want something like a goldfish cracker, I recommend Wellaby’s Cheese Ups. Crispy, cheesy, light bites of goodness. They are small and sport a cool triangle shape, but if you close your eyes, you might think you got hold of a little goldfish in there. I buy these at the local Safeway here in Phoenix. Keep looking and ask for them if you don’t find them. I love them that much!


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