CPK gives it another try, and I am so glad

On a visit to California Pizza Kitchen yesterday with my mother, I was shocked to see a little card on the table announcing the new gluten-free pizza at CPK. Now, if you remember, I did a post on CPK’s recent attempt at gluten-free pizza and I quite liked it. But I was disappointed when it was removed from the menu. On the plus side, I heard from a manager there that it was removed because they could not ensure that it was gluten-free once it came out of the kitchen and they wanted to do it right. I admired that..but I missed the pizza.

Fast forward to yesterday. I asked the server about the pizza and he brought an information card explaining that only four pizzas can be ordered that are guaranteed to be GF. Anything else is iffy. Depending on how severe your allergy/preference is, he said, you can make your choice. (He shared that he was wheat/soy sensitive and understood) I appreciated his interest and when I read the card, it was quite obvious that CPK had done its homework this time.

photo 1

We ordered the margarita pizza since all my other options had meat on them. I didn’t want to rock the boat and start modifying anything, I just wanted to try some pizza.

photo 3

Whoa! It was so pretty when it came out, and so tasty. The crust is chewy and a bit crunchy. The center needs a bit more cook time, but that can be remedied. What I loved, other than the pizza taste and the fact that I can now eat something other than a salad at one of my favorite restaurants, was that for $14.75, it was big enough for mom and I to have two pieces each and there were still two pieces to bring home for my daughter. Daughter was pleased, and so was I, that there was no soy in the crust, meaning she could come back and have it with me another time.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know my obsession with finding a good GF pizza. This is quite good, although the pizza in New York is still my favorite, this one is quite good.

Head over to CPK right now and you can buy a $25 gift card and get a bonus $5 gift card for free. Then come back for pizza! You’re welcome.



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3 responses to “CPK gives it another try, and I am so glad

  1. Jen

    Good to know! I was actually surprised that they didn’t have a gluten free pizza last time I was there. I have a 9-year-old son who’s gluten free so I really wish Chuck E. Cheese would change their gluten free to something edible.

  2. Alexis S.

    I’ve gone to CPK twice in the last week. Love the pizza and love their salads. It’s the best GF pizza I have ever had at a restaurant!

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