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Jewel’s Bakery and Cafe is a Gem

signImagine for a minute that you get to eat everything on a menu, no gluten worries at all. Yes, you heard me right. What if everything on this board were gluten-free and yummy? Well, I had a chance to enter nirvana earlier today, otherwise known as Jewel’s Bakery and Cafe, a 100% gluten-free cafe that recently opened in Phoenix. Wow, I was in heaven.


Yup, everything in there is gluten-free. Seriously. Thank goodness I’ve got a tiny bit of self-control or that case would be empty right now (except for those bacon ones on the bottom. Not for this veg head.) I grabbed an Almond Joy cupcake, yellow cake with chocolate ganache, then coconut icing on top, then coconut. Oh man…I’m in love.


These little beauties were calling me also, but I held back. I decided to grab a grilled veggie sandwich on a gluten-free ciabatta roll. Yes, you heard that right. The roll was sublime, so light, so tasty, I actually forgot I was eating gluten-free for a moment. The sandwich was topped with pesto and a ton of grilled veggies including onions and zucchini, but get this-there were roasted fresh beets on this sandwich! Yes, I am now a customer for life. I love roasted beets and this is the first veggie sandwich I’ve ever had with roasted beets. It was awesome-and I don’t throw that word around very much.

Ok, on top of all this, they have little donut holes, breakfast and even a brunch menu on the weekends. Check out the site if you’re in the area. Also, here are a few photos of the adorable spot, decorated with charm and style. Tucked into an unassuming strip of normal shops, this little cafe has comfortable chairs, eclectic designs and lots of windows letting in natural light and making it feel open and inviting. And best of all, it doesn’t empty out your wallet. I had the fantastic grilled veggie sandwich and the cupcake for just $10. Really. GF seems to break the bank lately so it was refreshing to not have to take out a loan to eat there. Try it, you won’t be disappointed, I promise! And look for me, it’s my new hangout for sure.


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