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Cereal: It’s not just for breakfast anymore

One thing I have missed so terribly since going GF is cereal. Yes, I believe in the Jerry Seinfeld philosophy that cereal is good anytime, not just for breakfast.

I was never really a big fan of very, very sweet cereal, although a little Cap’n Crunch with Crunchberries never hurt anyone. But mainly, I liked corn flakes, Special K, etc. I’ve tried the alternatives and found Gorilla Munch to be the only cereal worth eating twice. It’s gluten free and tastes somewhat like Cap’n Crunch (without the crunchberries…)

But recently, life has changed. It seems the people at General Mills have decided to give GF cereal a try. Their first attempt–Rice Chex. Instead of using barley malt, they’re using molasses, thus making Rice Chex a new alternative. What a treat! Now, cereal is back on the menu in my home.

I was so tired of watching everyone else eat cereal and not having a great option. Just make sure that there is a check mark on the front of the box stating Gluten Free. There are some of the old boxes out there still, so be careful. So, as I have my Rice Chex and rice milk for breakfast, I salute you General Mills.

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