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Review of Schar’s gluten-free products

While browsing Sprout’s gluten-free section the other day, I found a section with Schar’s products. These are German products, although they have a US-based headquarters in New Jersey. I had heard of them years ago, but it’s just been a few years that they were readily available and the first time I have seen them in the store. I don’t usually order food online so I was waiting for it to make it to the stores.

First up, Table Crackers. The photo on the package looks fabulous, making me imagine biting into a crispy Saltine cracker just like the old days. They are a little bigger, but break it in half and it’s about the size of a Saltine. Unfortunately, that’s as close as it comes to tasting like a Saltine. As far as crackers go, this one doesn’t have too much of a strong taste and that’s not always a bad thing. Saltines don’t have much taste either if you think about it. That helps with whatever you top it off with. These are better than Ener-G crackers, thicker, crispier and a little tastier, but not as good as a Saltine. I love the crispy crunch of these and they are strong enough to hold up to cheese and other toppings. I’ll buy these again since I won’t be eating a Saltine soon, but I prefer Glutino crackers. (review to follow)

Next up, the Vanilla Wafer cookies. Now, I’m already a big fan of Glutino’s Lemon Wafer Cookies. They are always in my fridge for a sweet treat. I assumed these would be just as good, but vanilla. Not really…they have a funny aftertaste that lingers after the cookie is gone. It is nice and crispy and light, just like a wafer should be, but it’s not even close to Glutino’s precious lemon wafers. I won’t be buying these again.

Finally, Schar’s has a Ladyfingers. These are quite large and the photo on the package is what attracted me. They are perfect for tiramisu, or so the package states. The picture looked so good, I had to try them.

This cookie was a pleasant surprise and is light, fluffy, airy and surprisingly not too sweet. It pairs perfectly with a cup of tea since is not overpowering or too sweet. I haven’t tried the tiramisu yet, but the package has a lot in there so I still have some left to give it a try. I will definitely buy this again since I love having 1/2 of one at night with my tea. It doesn’t feel like cheating or eating too much…just right.


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Going Crackers!

I recently visited the downtown Phoenix farmers’ market for the first time. I expected to see a lot of produce, locally grown of course, but I was so surprised at all the other wonderful things. And so many of them gluten free. It was wonderful.

Among my many finds (which I’ll write about in future posts) were two kinds of GF crackers. And anyone GF knows that finding a good GF cracker is like finding the perfect pair of jeans. Many look great, but upon closer inspection they aren’t so great after all. These two actually fit the bill and made me so happy that I went, even though it was very early for me on a Saturday morning. And anyone who knows me well knows that I am not a morning person.

Rosemary/Garlic Flax Crackers

The first cracker is made by “For Flax Sake.” They had three different varieties–one with rosemary and garlic, one with cranberry and fruit flavors, and another with chili powder (although so little it’s hard to taste it. It’s the mildest of the three.) The company producing the crackers is Life Force Foods in Gilbert, Arizona. The ingredients were almost too simple: Organic brown flax, organic golden flax, organic sesame seeds, garlic, rosemary and spices. Assured they were gluten free, I tested all three.

I ended up buying the rosemary/garlic flavored crackers. They have a wonderful crunch and powerful rosemary flavor. I imagined them with a mild brie or swiss. Or even just snacking on them for the flax benefits. They are in big, flat slabs and you can break off pieces. Yummy, herb-infused flavor with a hint of garlic. I think I’ll have some with a good veggie soup also.

Gluten-Free Goat Cheese Crackers

The next cracker was a complete surprise. I was actually testing the goat cheese at the “Fresh From Rowie’s” booth (which was fabulous). The company is in Glendale, AZ and I love that the goats are hormone and antibiotic free, as well as treated humanely. I saw a small note on the bottom of the sign that stated Gluten Free Crackers. It turns out the owner’s husband is gluten free and they designed the crackers out of goat cheese, rice flour and bean flour. They are crispy with a great cracker texture. The flavor has a hint of goat cheese, but not overpowering. These do have salt in them, so try a mild cheese with them. Once again, I can’t wait to eat these with cheese or a great veggie soup. I think these would be wonderful with a pea or black-bean soup also. They are sturdy enough to hold things too, if that’s your preference with crackers.

What a joy to find something so great when I wasn’t even looking for them. Both are local companies to the Phoenix area (although not in Phoenix) and I’m excited that when I run out, I won’t have to order online or pine away for the loss. They are just a Saturday away.

If you’re in the Phoenix area, I urge you to give these a try and to visit the farmers’ market. It’s a great way to spend the morning and you’ll be supporting local businesses, which is always a good thing.


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