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Gluten-free caramel corn drizzled with chocolate-my new addiction

My new addiction

I had a craving for caramel corn and decided to try and make my own. It always sounded so difficult and messy, but that never stopped me before. Besides, when a craving for something sweet hits me, not much can get in my way. After scouring cookbooks and the Internet, I decided to buy Trader Joe’s air-popped popcorn to begin with. I got rid of my air popper last year after realizing I never used it. Now, I wish I hadn’t. But, TJ’s seemed to do the trick. Then, I decided to use Paula Deen’s recipe for caramel corn, since it seemed to be the most simple. Click on the link for the entire recipe, but I’ve listed a few hints below to make it a little easier.

1. Once all the ingredients are in the pot and mixed, and the butter is melted, let it simmer/boil for 5 minutes without touching or stirring (resist the urge to stir, and I know that’s hard to do). Then add the baking soda.

2. I used 8 cups of popcorn (1.5 bags) but I think I would use 6-7 next time since not all of the popcorn got a good coating of the caramel. Although it’s not bad if some of it is lightly coated. That’s up to you.

3. Even though it bakes for an hour, don’t forget to stir it every 15 minutes so it cooks evenly. I spread it out on two large roasting pans that I sprayed with non-stick spray to make it easier.

4. I melted a bag of GF chocolate chips and drizzled it for just a little more decadence. If you do that, make sure you put in the fridge to harden a bit.

5. I dare you to make this and not eat it all night. I bagged it up right away and handed it out the next day. I made sure to leave enough for all of us to eat, but it’s so addicting…it’s hard to stop once you start. Trust me.

I think this would make a great hostess gift or even something to bring to a potluck or party if you can’t decide. Best caramel corn ever…really.


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