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New GF Tortillas

Just today, by FedEx, hand delivered, I found GF Tortillas at my front door. What a treat. Just three days ago I contacted the company online and requested a sample and that same day I received a FedEx notice that they had been sent. La Tortilla Factory (see link to the right under GF Sites/Links) sent two packets of their GF tortillas.

The tortillas are made from teff, along with other things. They are gluten free and come in both light and dark versions. The company sent one of each for me to try. What did I do? I immediately pulled out the skillet and made a quesadilla, even though I already had breakfast not too long ago. I also broke open an avocado since I just love quesadillas with guacamole. But I make a simple version of just mashed avocado, cayenne and a little lemon juice. Simple, yet so yummy when paired with a simple cheese crisp.

My first impression of the tortillas was a good one. They were not stiff and hard, like the Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Tortillas. I just can’t seem to get those things soft enough to fold. They crack and taste awful. But these tortillas were soft right out of the package, although still just a little stiff around the edges. They also have a nice smell, not too “beany” like so many other GF items. I’ve had teff bread, injera, at a local Ethiopian restaurant a long time ago, but after going GF I learned that they add wheat flour to their bread. Bummer.

For my quick quesadilla, I put one on the hot grill pan and let it sit for a minute, then added some cheese and folded it over. Yes…I folded it over and it folded smoothly, just like a flour tortilla. What a beautiful sight. I let it crisp for just another moment and viola! Quesadilla.

La Tortilla Factory Teff Tortilla Quesadilla

The taste was also a treat. It was mild and soft, yet crispy like a flour tortilla would be. My daughter, who is not GF, tried it and gave it her thumbs up. And from a 12 year old, that’s pretty high praise. I used the light tortilla for this. Just after this test, I would recommend them to anyone trying to find something to substitute for a flour tortilla, or sick of eating just corn tortillas.

One of my favorite dinners, pre-GF, was a salad wrap. I just take a tortilla, sometimes those flavored ones, and add a little lettuce, tomato, cheese, roasted peppers, olives, and whatever else happened to be in the fridge, then add balsamic or Caesar dressing. Wrap it up and you’ve got a salad to go. I just loved it, and it was something that tasted great on a hot Arizona day, no cooking involved. You gotta’ love that. I can’t wait for dinner tonight…

Visit the La Tortilla Factory site. Find out where they sell them in your neighborhood. I just asked for a free sample, so give it a try. It’s worth the effort.

(Added July 18): I’ve tried these wraps in a few new ways since posting and I have come to the conclusion that I don’t recommend them. They are dry and flaky when I try to eat them cold, and didn’t have a great flavor when I used them for a salad wrap. If you like quesadillas, then I recommend these, but if you won’t be cooking them for a moment and just want a tortilla to wrap with hummus or veggies, I say keep looking. Sorry…)


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