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A Childhood Treat Revisited, and a Cupcake

Gluten-free Goodness

Remember Suzy Q’s? Yes, those chocolate delights filled with overly sweet, tasty filling? I used to love finding those in the store. I don’t think I ever ate an entire Suzy Q just because it was so sweet, but I sure loved them. I stopped eating them way before I went GF, but on a recent trip to Gluten Free Creations in Scottsdale I came across the treat, newly formulated as a gluten-free treat. The shop makes the chocolate cake nice and moist and fluffy, and the inside filling is just as I remember it…very sweet. But isn’t that what a treat is all about? If I want something mild I’ll eat a carrot!

A sweet treat

The cupcake tower awaits

What a great treat. I would recommend bringing a friend, or taking it home, and share with someone else. It might not be that big, but it packs a sugary punch. Ooohhh, it brought back memories and was so yummy. The shop also had cupcakes that were adorable and I would have tried one if I hadn’t just eaten a faux Suzy Q. Next time…


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